Hi, I'm Jennifer.
I am a full-stack developer. I recently graduated from WeCanCodeIt, a full-time coding bootcamp. I am a full-time photographer and college professor. I became interested in software development after managing my own website as well as web pages for clients. I am passionate about coding and enjoy back and front end development. My background in art and design combined with my computer skills make me a well-rounded developer.

I spend my free time hanging out with my family, puttering in the garden, and slowly converting my lawn to native plants.



At WeCanCodeIt, an intensive 14 week coding bootcamp, I learned front and back end software development. I work with Java, Javascript, MVC, Spring, RESTful APIs, Thymeleaf, JSON, React, Git/Github, HTML and CSS. I am also interested in User Experience Design and work with Adobe XD to mock-up applications.


I have an art degree and I am a professional photographer by trade. I work with the Adobe Creative Suite and use Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Acrobat, Bridge, Express, and XD on a regular basis. I also teach photography and Photoshop at CSCC.



Single page application that allows users to choose what crops they want to plant and when to plant based on their location. Users can also find recipes for each crop and set calendar reminders for when to plant. A RESTful site that uses external APIs to provide additional functionality.


Adagio Music is a single page application that allows users to view albums, songs and music videos. Users can update album and song titles, delete albums and songs or add their own. Uses a combination of Java, Springboot, Javascript, HTML and CSS to create a RESTful interactive and responsive site.


Inspired by the original Cookie Clicker, Farm Clicker is a web application that allows users to click to harvest vegetables. Uses Javascript, HTML and CSS to create an interactive and dynamic game environment.


Beep, Beep...Yum is an application for food truck reviews in Columbus, Ohio. It allows users to view, review and add hashtags to food trucks. It is a MVC application created using Java, Springboot and Thymeleaf.


Virtual Crab Shelter is a Java console application allowing users to interact with virtual crabs in a pet shelter. Users can feed, water and care for organic and robotic crabs. Virtual Crab Shelter relies on inheritance, abstract classes and interfaces in Java.